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The Terry Bradshaw Solution

I love Terry Bradshaw. What football fan doesn’t! Besides being an NFL legend, Bradshaw is a larger than life presence. Just watch him on Fox NFL Sunday. Fun, flamboyant…kinda crazy!

Not a football fan? You’ve probably still seen Bradshaw, on TV, advertising everything from charge cards to diet programs to insurance. Trust me, every one of his commercials is high-energy and unconventional. No wonder he’s such a hot commodity!

So it may not be as crazy as it seems to see Bradshaw in his latest commercial: a walk-in bathtub. True to form, there’s Bradshaw, lounging in a bubble bath, wearing a pastel shower cap, holding a football, and touting the benefits of this walk-in tub (with free shower as part of the Bradshaw promotional package!). It is, in a word, hilarious.

Terry Bradshaw is 70 years old. He still looks good! But he’s advertising senior care products!! What does that mean?

It means that, like all of us, Terry Bradshaw is getting old. But instead of denying it, he’s defining it. Instead of bemoaning it, he’s addressing it. He’s squeezing that 6’3” frame into that tub and celebrating it. Enjoying it. Yes, even making money off of it.

How are you aging? Whether you’re 75, 45, or 25, sooner or later, we will all face the challenges of aging. Already from my baby boomer friends I am hearing the defiant statements:

“I don’t want my kids to have to take care of me.” (So then, who will?)

“Just put me in a home.” (Who’s going to pay for it?)

“When I can’t take care of myself, just give me the applesauce.” (Will you really be able to do that?)

Tough questions that don’t really have to be addressed today…especially if you’re only 45 or 25. But maybe just take a minute to think about Terry Bradshaw.

Are you anything like him? Are you upbeat or a downer? Do you try to keep a positive attitude? Are you always complaining? About your aches and pains. Your gray hair. The weather. Your kids. Can you laugh…just because?

Taking care of elderly loved ones is difficult under any circumstance. But it is so much more depressing and unpleasant when they have a “challenging personality.”

You have limited control over the aging process. But you do have control over you. Right now. Before you turn 75. Take a look in the mirror. Do you like you? Do others like you?

The best solution for some caregiving dilemmas might just be to be the kind of person others want to be around. Then, at least there's a chance there will always be someone to help when you really need it most.

As for Terry Bradshaw? I will caregive Terry Bradshaw any day of the week! Just not in the bathtub.

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