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Support Groups. Therapy. You Make the Call

Are you a support group kind of person? Are you a big believer in talk therapy? Why do I ask? Because it is as predictable as the sun rising in the east that sooner or later, some well-meaning person is going to suggest that you consider a support group or therapy to deal with your caregiving stress. Now I am all about stress busters; unfortunately, my stress buster of choice is lots and lots of Starbucks. To be clear, I get that it’s useful to share feelings in a support group with people living through similar circumstances (i.e., dealing with the challenges of an elderly loved one). Or that talking to a trained, presumably neutral, professional about your caregiving issues could be benefi

Pacing Yourself

I have started the process of researching memory care centers for my 92-year-old mother. As you might imagine, not fun. Ironically, I have begun the process not because she is not doing reasonably well in her current home care situation, but because I am working to conserve her funds to be able to support her for perhaps quite a few more years. (It is becoming increasingly clear that longevity runs in our family!) So, yes, it’s about the money. (Another rant for another day!) Anyway, here’s a rundown on how it’s been going. I have probably visited about 10 or so centers. The drill is pretty much the same. I show up (unannounced – because the “experts” say to do this so you see how things “re

Organizing! Planning! Trying to Make It All Work

Are you the type of person who picks up the latest self-help book, in the hope that it will solve your latest life crisis? Are you regularly sucked in by clickbait headlines for articles promising “10 Surefire Ways to…” or “The Top 5 Reasons Why…” that may or may not resolve a dilemma you’re facing? Are you always subscribing to “mastermind” courses or “thought leader” webinars that promise to give you solutions, streamline your life, and in general make all of your problems go away? I never thought I was that kind of person…until things started getting crazy in my caregiving journey several years ago. When I first began assuming significant responsibility for the care of my elderly mother,

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