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Servant, Not Slave

Do you notice the term “servant” seems to be popping up everywhere these days? In business it’s all about “servant leadership” and a “servant mindset.” At church it’s all about “servant ministry.” Serving is a good thing. Business leader John C. Maxwell recognized the value of servant leadership in business when he said, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” Serving others through church and other outreach ministries reaps obvious benefits for both the recipient and the giver. Caregiving your challenging elderly loved one requires caring and giving with a servant’s heart. The challenge with any caregiving responsibility is to be present as a servant – not a sl

Seeing the Light

I can see! This morning I had my day-after checkup for the YAG laser capsulotomy procedure I had on my right eye yesterday. The YAG what? The YAG laser capsulotomy procedure removes a film or secondary cataract that you can get following an initial cataract procedure. That secondary cataract can develop days later or years later (in my case, 3 years). At my initial exam earlier this month, during which my right eye could barely make out the giant E through the fog, the technician asked how long I had been experiencing a problem with my vision. Good question, I thought. I was hard pressed to give an answer. Yes, my secondary cataract likely developed gradually. But how gradually? Over 3 month


When your elderly loved one has dementia and a challenging personality, doing the simplest things within their view can quickly escalate to “a big deal.” Filing bills? “What are you doing? Who’s paying for the helpers? I don’t need anyone to take care of me.” Looking for something? “What are you looking for? Where’s my sterling silver? It all better be there.” Contemplating a reorganization of the kitchen pantry? “What do you see? Leave everything alone.” So, I always take advantage of those moments – few though they may be – when my mom is otherwise occupied. The best opportunity is when she is sleeping, which occasionally happens when I am there. Such was the case recently when my mom was

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