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Always Giving Thanks

In a previous blog post I referenced that today – November 21 – is Kiss a Caregiver Day. Well, when I went back online to find the reference, I found out that Kiss a Caregiver Day was in fact yesterday, November 20! What happened? Apparently another brain malfunction – mine! All those kisses I missed out on…. But no matter, there’s always next year.

Although not Kiss a Caregiver Day, today is something even more important – the DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING! I know this day is stressful for a lot of people, but when caregiving and a holiday intersect, the result can be exceedingly stressful (translation: a potential psychotic episode - mine!). So I work really hard to dial back the expectation for what is, in this case, actually my favorite holiday.

My Mary Engelbreit calendar entry from earlier this week displayed the saying “Gratitude can turn common days into Thanksgivings.” I agree! When you’re caregiving you can’t wait for that one special day of the year to roll around to give thanks. Just like you can’t wait for that one Kiss a Caregiver Day to show a little love. It is no joke to say that every bright moment, every good prognosis, every full night of sleep is something worth being thankful for, whenever it occurs. And I am!

Yes, I will give thanks tomorrow when I sit down and have some turkey and dressing with my mom and my sweetheart. But to be honest? Right at this moment, I’m just working through the activities of the day and giving thanks that I got this post written on schedule.

Happy Thanksgiving - every day!

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