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Caregiving Your Elderly Loved One . . . Without Going Crazy Yourself!


Caregiving Without the Crazy™

My name is Jan. I'm not a social worker, medical specialist, gerontologist, attorney, or senior care provider. I'm a working professional and a caring daughter who has strived to provide caregiving to an elderly loved one with dementia - and a "challenging" personality - for many years. I want to make your caregiving decisions work for you through early preparation and boundary setting so that you can take care of your elderly loved one - without going crazy yourself. Trust me. You can do this - without sacrificing your life or yourself in the process.


My goal is to make your life easier by giving you easy-to-use resources that can help and support you NOW. 

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Go on the Internet and you will be quickly overwhelmed by the amount of information on caregiving. Instead, click here for a basic toolkit of the most useful resources that will support you in your caregiving efforts.

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Coaching and Consulting

Needing one-on-one advice, information, and support? Click here to schedule a telephone, Skype, or in-person consultation.

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Group Presentations

Leading an organization? Chances are at least a few of your members/employees are wrestling with issues surrounding elderly caregiving. Why not offer them a relevant presentation that will leave them with information and tools to support them in their caregiving efforts? Click here to schedule a presentation customized to your needs.

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My Story

I know what it's like - I've been there.

If you're on this site, you're probably where I've been. Surfing the web after yet another demoralizing, confusing - maybe even scary - phone call or visit with your mom, dad, or other elderly loved one. Trying to figure out how he or she can "forget" to eat lunch. Trying to rationalize a checkbook full of cross-outs and white space. Trying to understand behaviors and actions that simply don't make sense. You're exhausted, worried, and scared. You don't know what to do. Other sites you check out only scare you more, with dire and depressing forums and grim, clinical articles that hint at the horrors to come. You won't find any of that here. This site is about YOU - setting realistic boundaries for caregiving and implementing easy-to-use, reality-based strategies that will allow you to caregive your elderly loved one - without going crazy yourself.


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